Zenacort diet pill review

Zenacort is dietary supplement weight loss capsule manufactured by Innovative Laboratories. Though Zenacort is a non-prescription pill, it should not be taken by pregnant women, women who are nursing and those below 18 years of age. A fitness regime of exercise program is recommended along with these pills for best results. One to three pills have to be consumed half an hour prior to a meal.

How does Zenacort work?

Zenacort tackles the weight loss problem with different actions. It boosts energy and metabolism, suppresses appetite, and reduces the urge to eat. It improves stamina and reduces body fat and works towards strengthening lean muscles. For effective results manufacturers recommend a proper and effective diet plan coupled with work outs while consuming these capsules. One of the active ingredients in the pill contains a molecule that tricks your brain to think that you are full, thus curbing your appetite and leading to weight loss.

Zenacort ingredients

Zenacort contains 3 active ingredients Guarana extract which is a stimulant, Gymneva Sylvestris which limits fat absorption and blocks sugar and Hoodia Gordonii which helps in curbing the appetite.

Zenacort side effects

Minor stomach upsets is the only reported side effects in some cases, otherwise the product is not believed to have any other side effects. However, sufficient information is not available on the other side effects of this pill. People with liver anomalies, diabetic conditions and on other medications should consult a doctor before starting a course of Zenacort. Also side effects related to stimulants are possible (due to Guarana ingredient present).


At the moment of writing this review we couldn’t find the official website of Zenacort. Also the site of their manufacturers, Innovative Laboratories is not available anymore, which tells us only one thing: this weight loss supplement is not active anymore and even if you find it somewhere, stay away from Zenacort.

What are the alternatives?

Phen375 – Fat burner with fully synthetic ingredients made in an FDA regulated lab.

UniqueHoodia – One of the top selling Hoodia Gordonii appetite suppressants in 2010.

Meratol – Appeared at the end of 2010 and already is selling in large quantities across UK.

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