Xerisan ASA diet pill reviews

Xerisan ASA is a diet pill that can be purchased online and claims to help reduce the appetite and boost metabolism, all so that you can lose weight.

This diet pill does differ in one way from the others – it says that it will help you lose weight even after you stop taking it! However unlike other diet supplements, this one probably doesn’t work either.

Xerisan ASA ingredients

4 ingredients in Xerisan ASA are: synephrine, phaseolus vulgaris, pyruvate, and a mystery ingredient that’s known as “the powerhouse of Xerisan ASA.” Unfortunately, little more than that is not known about this ingredient.

Xerisan ASA effectiveness

The manufacturers of Xerisan ASA admit that in order for the pill to be effective, you must maintain a regular exercise program as well as a healthy, calorie-reduced diet.

Unfortunately what they don’t tell you is what clinical studies were done to prove the effectiveness of the pill, nor do they have any other scientific data to back it up. This should lead you to believe that if you need to do the work of losing weight yourself, you shouldn’t need a pill to help you.

While the ingredients of Xerisan ASA aren’t particularly harmful, they also probably won’t help anyone lose weight. If you do take Xerisan ASA and find you’re getting the weight loss results you wanted, it’s most likely your new diet and exercise program – not this “miracle pill” – that is doing it.

What are the alternatives?

Phen375 fat burner showed to be great fat burner among the weight loss crowd worldwide. This purely synthetic fat burner doesn’t carry any side effects and can be purchased online and without prescription.

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