Xenadrine slimming pill review

Xenadrine is a weight loss pill that works through thermogenics – the process of increasing the body’s internal temperature so that it can burn fat faster.

Because the process of thermogenics is enhanced when the body temperature rises naturally, Xenadrine is a very popular weight loss pill with bodybuilders. In addition to this, Xenadrine can also prevent the body from storing fat, preventing weight gain while helping you get rid of it.

Xenadrine ingredients

Xenadrine uses 3 main ingredients to allow it to burn through fat. These are norambrolide, which converts fat in the body into energy; thermoxanthin, which is a natural stimulant; and guarana and cocoa seed extract, which are additional stimulants and helps boost metabolism with its Vitamin B12 component.

Xenadrine side effects

There aren’t many side effects that come with taking Xenadrine. However, because all people respond to drugs differently, some users may feel anxious, light-headedness, cramps or numbness, faintness, increased perspiration, excess thirst, vomiting, and mild headaches. The most commonly reported side effect is that Xenadrine not only helps users lose weight, but also provides additional energy.

Xenadrine can be a very effective weight loss pill and as an added bonus, will also give you more energy. It’s important however, that you do something with that energy while using it, to promote even more weight loss results.

Is Xenadrine recommended?

Since Xenadrine is targeted more towards bodybuilders, there are better supplements for losing weight than Xenadrine. That being said, we recommend you to look elsewhere for a real dietary supplement that will help you lose weight.

Xenadrine alternatives

Phen375 is an outstanding fat burner capable of helping you lose 3-4 lbs/week easily. For sure this is one of the leading fat burners on the market currently; thousands of happy customers and even more reorders just prove this fact. Phen375 can be purchased online and without prescription.

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