UniqueHoodia diet pills review

Not available in the UK anymore! We recommend Proactol Plus and Phen375 as the best alternatives.

A lot of people today have misconceptions about the all famous Hoodia Gordonii. With all those Hoodia products on the market, it’s no wonder that people are confused.

There are a few things about Hoodia Gordonii we need to clarify first:

  • There are 13 kinds of Hoodia plant, but only Hoodia Gordonii has weight loss properties.
  • Hoodia powder is effective; extract is not.
  • Whoever claims he’s giving you 800 or 1,000mg of Hoodia Gordonii per pill is lying to you.
  • Saying just “Hoodia” is not the same as “Hoodia Gordonii”.

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What is UniqueHoodia?

UniqueHoodia is the only Hoodia Gordonii pill brand that we came across that could live up to its claims. You see, when we look at a diet pill, we look for any unrealistic or exaggerating claims they may make.

You will be happy to know that manufacturers of Unique Hoodia don’t make any false promises or unrealistic expectations. Rather, they offer you real facts about their supplement that are backed by medical certificates.

What is so “unique” about UniqueHoodia?

  • 460mg of Hoodia Gordonii per pill – This is absolutely the largest amount of Hoodia per pill that we have ever seen in any product.  Most of the competitors offer you 400mg or less per pill. And we’re talking here about the real Hoodia Gordonii pills and not those that are obviously lying when they say they give you 800mg or more Hoodia per pill.
  • 90 pills per box – Again, this is another positive surprise. Other Hoodia pills usually come with 60 pills per package.
  • 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii – What is inside UniqueHoodia is 100% raw Hoodia powder and not an extract. This is really important because most of other Hoodia pills will give you extract (and then tell you that they give you 1,000mg of Hoodia).
  • Certifications – Closely related to the previous point. UniqueHoodia has all the required certificates: CITES, Organics Annex Certificate and Certificate of Analysis. These certificates are displayed on the product’s website and anyone can see them. The certifications are really important because they prove that what is inside this product is actually 100% real Hoodia Gordonii that was legally imported from South Africa.
  • Blister packaging – This type of packaging was proven to be much better than standard bottle type of packaging.
  • 6 months money back guarantee – Hands down, the biggest money back guarantee we have ever seen in a Hoodia product. This way you are completely covered, knowing that you can ask for your money back if you’re not satisfied with results.

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UniqueHoodia side effects

There aren’t any because real and genuine Hoodia Gordonii is not known to produce any side effects.

Is Unique Hoodia recommended?

If you’re looking for Hoodia Gordonii based product, then go for UniqueHoodia. The supplement won’t disappoint you.

Where can you buy Unique Hoodia?

You can buy UniqueHoodia only through the official website. You can place your order either online or over the telephone. Use the discount code UHCR10 for 10% discount on all order 4 months and above.

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