Turboslim Chronoactiv diet formula

Forte Pharma Laboratories brings one of the latest weight loss products on the UK market, Turboslim Chronoactiv. This weight loss formula tries to help you lose weight by working with natural rhythm of your body.

By helping you burn off calories during the day and limiting the amount of fat that is being stored in your body during the night, Turboslim claims that first results should be expected in the first 15 days of use.

How does it work?

It consists of 2 parts:

– Day tablet uses Green Coffee and Green Tea in order to help you burn more calories during the day.

– Night tablet uses compound called OXYLIA TOTAL in order to limit storages of fat during the night and firm the skin tissue. Oxylia Total contains: Phaseolus vulgaris, Rosmarinus offinalis, Olea europaea, IPOXIN dry extract of Ipomea batatas and Conenzyme Q10.

Any side effects with Turboslim?

Judging by the ingredient list it is only day tablet that could give some trouble to people too sensitive to stimulant ingredients, where the usual minor side effects are to be expected (irritability, fast heart rate, nervousness, panic, anxiety etc). Other than that, it should be fairly safe.

Where to buy Turboslim Chronoactiv?

Boots sells this diet pill for £19.99 (28 tablets). This is probably the best deal you can find around for this product.


Overall, since Turboslim is fairly new supplement we don’t have much data about its effectiveness. Therefore choosing some other dietary supplement that has been on the market for some time might be better idea after all.

Turboslim alternative

Proactol Plus has been on the market since 2007 and for all this time it has helped thousands of dieters around the world to lose weight.

Proactol works by stopping certain amount (around 27%) of fat from your diet and preventing it from being digested. That way you can be eating high fat meals and still lose some weight.

Read more about Proactol here


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