Tetrazene Extreme fat burner review

Tetrazene Extreme is a fat burning weight loss supplement and part of the many Tetrazene supplements created by Bioquest.

Although Tetrazene Extreme is currently not in manufacture, it is still available for sale online. With no official Bioquest website online, we assume that the company has stopped the production of this supplement.

Tetrazene Extreme ingredients

The 1,332 mg proprietary blend includes: Green tea extract, caffeine, mucuna Pruriens, green coffee extract, slimaluma, vinpocetine, oolong tea extract and Huperzine. However we couldn’t find any real information about the dosages of individual ingredients.

Slimaluma is actually the creation of Gencor Pacific, which helps in suppressing the appetite. However clinical studies in the Gencor Pacific website show minimal weight loss in a small number of participants.

Green tea extract is the best ingredient in Tetrazene Extreme that effectively helps with weight loss. Caffeine helps increase the body metabolism. While Mucuna Pruriens is an herbal anti-depressant that may help boost mood, it can seriously affect dieters with mental illness or depression.

Where to buy Tetrazene Extreme?

This is a short-dated product that is sold in some online sites for $25, with a “buy 1 get 1 free” offer. But there is no money back guarantee.

Tetrazene Extreme dosage

Take 2 capsules, 45 minutes before breakfast and dinner with at least 8 ounces of water. Tetrazene Extreme shouldn’t be taken in the evening, and should not exceed 4 capsules per day. For best results, take with diet and exercise.

Tetrazene Extreme side effects

Tetrazene Extreme should not be used by those under 18, pregnant or nursing women. Consult your doctor before taking the product if you have any health conditions.

Tetrazene Extreme should not be taken if you have or are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor or any OTC or prescription drugs including aspirin. Limit your caffeine consumption while taking Tetrazene Extreme as too much of caffeine causes sleeplessness, irritability, nervousness and sometimes even rapid heartbeat.

Tetrazene Extreme alternatives

When talking about effective fat burners, we want to point your attention towards Phen375, highly recommended fat burner on our website. We have reviewed many fat burners, but Phen375 is one of rare fat burners that managed to live up to its claims. Phen375 can be purchased online without prescription.

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If fat binders are more appealing to you, then we would recommend you Proactol Plus, a well-known fat binder that has been selling in large quantities since its launch in 2007. Proactol is able to bind up to 27.4% of your dietary fat intake and stop it from being digested by your body. This way part of your fat intake will be eliminated naturally through bowel movements.

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