Slim Weight Patch review

Not all people like to take pills for weight loss. Some people search for alternative solutions. One such product that we want to present you today is Slim Weight Patch.

What is Slim Weight Patch?

Slim Weight Patch is clinically proven weight loss method of delivering weight loss ingredients directly into your bloodstream, avoiding stomach acids. This way you have a constant appetite suppressant working for you 24/7.

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How does it work?

Slim Weight Patch is based on a trans-dermal technology – a method of absorbing the important nutrients directly through your skin, to the bloodstream and to your cells. This way it is guaranteed that you will achieve high absorption rate because you are bypassing liver, stomach and intestines. Some experts agree that up to 95% of the supplement will be digested using trans-dermal method.

What are the benefits of Slim Weight Patch?

  • Burning more calories
  • Metabolism boost
  • Fat burning
  • Calm of binge eating
  • 100% safe – no known side effects
  • Risk free – You get 6 months money back guarantee

How to use Slim Weight Patch?

  • Apply Slim Weight Patch on a dry skin (hairless area).
  • Go on with your day.
  • After 24 hours remove the patch and apply a new one in a slightly different position so that your skin can breathe.
  • Drink lots of water in the meantime; also adding exercise to your daily routine will help a lot to give you that extra boost of metabolism.

Slim Weight Patch ingredients

Bladder wrack, 5-HTP, Guarana, Zinc Pyruvate, DHEA, Yerba Mate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, L-Carnitine, Zinc Citrate.

Slim Weight Patch side effects

We haven’t found any reported side effects to this weight loss patch.

How much does Slim Weight Patch cost?

1-month package will cost you $31.46.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, all purchases are covered with full 6 months money back guarantee. You have to use the patch for at least 4 months and if you’re not satisfied with results, you can ask for your money back before the 6-month point.

Do we recommend Slim Weight Patch?

Yes, definitely recommended if you’re looking for alternative to diet pills. This weight loss patch is easy to use and doesn’t carry any risks to your health.

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