Slenderite diet pill review

Slenderite is a weight loss supplement that also promises to help stabilize your mood, making you feel good from the inside out. The ingredients of Slenderite are relatively safe, but whether or not they’ll help you lose weight is something that is still up for debate.

Slenderite ingredients

5 main ingredients in Slenderite are:

  • 5-HTP, which is an amino acid that affects serotonin levels in the body, making you feel happier and more content;
  • caffeine, which has been proven to help with weight loss;
  • chromium picolinate, which helps control blood sugar;
  • green tea, which has also been proven to help with weight loss;
  • Phase 2, which is a starch neutralizer and helps block starch in the body.

Slenderite’s effectiveness

Although the ingredients found in Slenderite are relatively safe, there is no proof that they will help with weight loss. With a bottle of supplements costing between $17 and $23, this is certainly a lot of money to spend on a product that probably won’t help you lose weight. With so many other, more effective products on the market, it’s advised that you find something else that will give you your money’s worth.

What are Slenderite alternatives?

Capsiplex – Fat burner that works on the principle of thermogenesis, where your body’s temperature is slightly raised so that your body can start burning excess fat, even while resting. Capsiplex showed large number of sales when it appeared in 2010.

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Proactol Plus – Fat binder that can stop up to 28% of your dietary fat intake and prevent it from being absorbed and digested by your body. Proactol has 6 clinical studies behind it, and is composed of totally natural ingredients (Opuntia Ficus Indica). You can buy Proactol online and without prescription for it.

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