Size 0 diet pill reviews

Size 0 diet pill, sometimes called Clenbuterol and even more commonly called the “celebrity diet pill,” is a diet pill that claims to help you burn fat, increase your metabolism, and all so that you can lose weight – and lose it fast.

And yes, while Size 0 will help you lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, it’s a very dangerous drug that could have some very serious long-term effects.

Size 0 diet pill ingredients

The main ingredient in the Size 0 diet pill is Clenbuterol, which was used in the 80s and 90s to treat horses and other large animals for asthma. When these animals were slaughtered for meat and consumed by humans, those individuals then suffered great consequences from having come into contact with the drug.

FDA banned the drug temporarily afterwards, and then reinstated its use in 1998 for animal consumption only. FDA strictly expressed at that time that animals treated with the drug were never to be slaughtered for animal consumption.

Size 0 diet pill side effects

The first side effects that were seen in the early 90s from people were impaired lung function, and this side effect can still be seen in those taking the drug today. As well, after first taking the pill the body may have a fever for up to 34 hours. It’s this fever that helps the body to burn weight, but it also heats up the heart, increases heart rate, and can even destroy vital cells within the heart, leading to even more serious heart problems.

Size 0 diet pill was never meant to be taken for longer than 4 – 6 weeks. Should the drug be taken longer than that, the body’s metabolism could be forever changed, causing the user to gain even more weight.

Other milder side effects that may be experienced while using Size 0 include nausea, uncontrollable shaking, lack of focus, severe headaches, anxiety, increased blood pressure, and insomnia.


While Size 0 diet pill has been highly acclaimed in the media and many known celebrities have used it, it’s a very dangerous drug and its effects will be felt long after the drug has stopped being taken. Do not under use Size 0 diet pill! Look for safer alternatives.

Size 0 diet pill alternatives

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