Quantrim dietary supplement review

Quantrim is scheduled to hit the UK weight loss market some time after Christmas.

At the moment this diet pill is being featured in the media across UK, so this might look like the best New Years’ present for many dieters.

Manufacturers are also proud to announce that their product is made in a special factory under “Traditional Herbal Registration” license (TSH).

How does Quantrim work?

This herbal slimming pill is said to work on 3 fronts: fat burning, speeding up your metabolism and reducing your appetite. This way you will be eating less food while maintaining high energy levels and burning additional fat from areas such as thighs, bottom and such.

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Quantrim main ingredients

Cleavers – Herb that has diuretic properties, that help with water retention and bloating. Because it stimulates the circulation of the lymph system it can successfully remove waste from areas on the body that are mistaken for stubborn areas, cellulite or fat that just won’t go away. Cleavers is considered by many “the gift of nature” when it comes to losing weight. Many country men have a saying: “If you want to lose weight, then go feast on cleavers”.

Bladderwrack –  This plant has been used for centuries for weight loss. It helps the body to create thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Low levels of TSH have been linked to weight gain and fatigue in individuals. By normalizing TSH levels in the body, bladder-wrack helps you achieve satiety (feeling of fulness) faster than usual. This way you won’t have the urge to eat as much as before.

Are there any side effects?

Highly unlikely that Quan trim will cause any side effects. This slimming pill is all-natural with no chemical ingredients inside. Therefore side effects such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia won’t happen.

Where to buy Quantrim UK?

Official Quantrim site is the only reliable place to buy this diet pill from. Usual stores and pharmacies do not stock this product. There are some rumors that Quantrim could be available in high street stores later in 2013, but that information is not 100% confirmed.

One month supply costs £34.95, and when you buy 2-month supply you will get 1 box for free. Therefore we think the best deal might be getting 2-month supply, which will cost you around £70.

Final verdict

Quantrim looks like a very good diet pill. We especially like the fact that product has been manufactured with ingredients that are native to UK and Europe and also that it was made under the Traditional Herbal Registration license.

Visit Quantrim official site for more details

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