Propolene weight loss pill review

Propolene is a weight loss supplement that says it will suppress your appetite while also helping you burn fat. Manufacturers however, have provided no evidence that this is actually true or clinical data to back up their claims.

Propolene ingredients

There are 2 ingredients in Propolene that have been proven to help people lose weight; those are green tea extract and chromium.

These 2 ingredients have been found to help burn fat, but there is not enough contained in any of the pills in order to be effective. And the main ingredient, propol, doesn’t do what the manufacturers tell you it will.

The manufacturers of Propolene say that propol will search through your bloodstream, looking for fat cells, and then fighting them. Truthfully, it doesn’t do that at all. Propol is an ingredient that simply settles in your stomach and when you drink water, it expands to make you feel more full than you actually are. While this will help suppress your appetite, it also shows that Propolene will not help your body fight fat.

Is Propolene recommended?

Propolene cannot be recommended for weight loss, as it provides very few results and comes with claims that simply aren’t true. In addition to that, Propolene can also interfere with the body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals, which could put your health at serious risk.

Propolene alternative

Proactol Plus is fat binding dietary supplement that can stop up to 28% of your dietary fat intake and safely prevent it from being absorbed and digested by your body. This way you can be eating high fat meals and still lose part of that fat. Other than that, Proactol has the largest number of testimonials we have ever seen in a diet pill.

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