Pro Action Acai & Hoodia UK review

ProAction Acai and Hoodia is yet another trial offer on the weight loss market. It amazes us how these kinds of offers are still floating around Internet.

What amaze us even more is all those people that are willing to buy something like this. This supplement screams “Scam!” from a mile away.

Pro Action Acai ingredients

Funny enough, we were not able to find what the ingredients are and in what doses are they present.

Manufacturers of ProAction Acai and Hoodia want you to already assume that there is Acai Berry and Hoodia Gordonii inside these pills. However, to say that a pill contains Acai is not enough. You want to find out exactly how much of Acai berry is present in a pill; or how much Hoodia Gordonii is present in a pill. This is what’s lacking with the Pro Action supplements.

Keep away from trial offers!

Trial offers are slowly becoming the history of the weight loss market. Thousands upon thousands of dieters around the world have been scammed by various companies offering “free trials” of their products (mostly Acai berry free trials).

ProAction Acai & Hoodia is not “free” trial offer, but it’s still a trial offer. What they want from you is to order their product (for about £80) and give them your credit card info. Next, if you don’t cancel your “subscription”, after 30 days they will start an auto ship program where they will automatically charge your credit card for £80 every 30 days and send you more bottles of these pills.

Do we recommend Pro Action?

We don’t recommend buying ProAction Acai and Hoodia products at all. If you’re serious about using supplements for losing weight, then look for other and better alternatives.

What are the best alternatives?

Pure Acai Berry Max – Top quality product when it comes to Acai Berry. Manufacturers do NOT offer you free trial of this product at all. So if you want it, you will have to pay for it. Apart from that, you will be getting 1,500 mg of freeze-dried Acai berries, all the required certificates and 180 days money back guarantee. Highly recommended if Acai Berry is your main target.

Pure Acai Berry Max review

Proactol Plus – Fat binder able to stop up to 27.4% of your dietary fat intake and prevent it from being absorbed by your body. Proactol is an herbal diet pill with the largest number of testimonials and success stories we have ever seen in a diet pill. Top recommended weight loss supplement.

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