Phentramin-D diet pill review

The number of diet pills that try to imitate the effects of the well known substance Phentermine is huge.

When consumers discovered what kind of nasty side effects Phentermine could give them, they have rushed to look for effective alternatives.

That as a result had numerous manufacturers starting to sell Phentermine-like diet pills. Phentramin-D is one of those pills.

What is Phentramin-D?

Phentramin-D is appetite suppressant diet pill that claims it can help you with weight loss, increase your energy levels and boost your metabolism. You can get this diet pill without prescription in tablet or capsule form.

How does Phentramin-D work?

Main ingredient inside Phentramin-D is Dimethyl-pentylamine-hydrochloride. The manufacturers claim that this ingredient is main responsible for appetite suppressing properties, but they lack clinical evidence for this statement. Also they mention ingredient called Sympathomimetic amine. Apparently these 2 ingredients will reduce your appetite and you will be less likely to overeat. When you combine this decreased caloric intake with faster metabolism, you get weight loss in the end.

Phentramin-D side effects

The most common side effects of Phentramin-D are: fast heart rate, inability sleep properly, mood swings, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, and dry mouth.

Is Phentramin-D scam?

Well, there’s the fact that manufacturers don’t offer you any money back guarantee with your purchase. This is big red flag.

Another unusual thing is that manufacturers put their product in a packaging that makes it look like it is a prescription weight loss pill. This is a poor attempt to gain trust and credibility in consumers’ eyes.

Apparently we don’t know how much of each ingredient is present inside Phentramin-D, so you don’t know what you’re actually paying for. For a product that costs $69 per bottle, you would want to know the ingredients’ amounts.

Is Phentramin-D recommended?

It’s very hard to recommend Phentramin-D to consumers. Without any money back guarantee, without disclosing amount of ingredients, with all the possible side effects and with trying to trick consumers into believing that it’s a prescription weight loss drug, we simply don’t recommend you to buy this diet pill. Look for some other, better alternatives.

What’s better alternative?

When talking about the similar price tag and the same diet pill classification (fat burners), we want you to take a look at Phen375 – fully synthetic fat burner that represents truly the best alternative to the all famous Phentermine.

We have seen so far many diet pills that tried to give you Phentermine effectiveness, but it was only Phen375 who really managed to live up to its claims. Highly recommended fat burner!

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