Phentirmene UK review

Phentirmene diet pills are marketed as the alternative to the diet pill Phentermine. This latter diet pill has been well known for the drastic and positive results it gets for users; but it comes with drastic side effects. Phentirmene claims to bring all of those great results, but with none of the side effects.


Compared to other diet pills, Phentirmene has a long list of ingredients, 11 in total. Each Phentirmene pill contains:

  • Chromax, which helps the body metabolize fats
  • proteins, and carbohydrates;
  • caffeine anhydrous;
  • Coleus Forskohlii;
  • raspberry ketones;
  • Phenylethylamine;
  • Evodiamine, which helps prevent the body from storing fat and also aids in burning fat;
  • seaweed, which is particularly effective at burning abdominal fat;
  • ginger root;
  • vitamin B12;
  • Synephrine;
  • Bioperine, which aids in the absorption of all the different ingredients.

Phentirmene Side Effects

Phentirmene definitely has far fewer side effects than its prescription counterpart. However, caffeine anhydrous is far more powerful than regular caffeine and as such, its side effects can also be much stronger.

Users may find that they experience restlessness, anxiety, feelings of jitteriness, wakefulness, and insomnia while using Phentirmene. The manufacturer’s website also states that taking the pill before 4pm every day may also help ease the side effects.

Also Synephrine ingredient is known to cause certain cardiovascular complications in certain patients, so it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for this ingredient.


Phentirmene is definitely a much better alternative than the prescription pill Phentermine. However, it is definitely not a supplement that’s symptom-free and anyone using it should only do so with caution, and only after speaking to their doctor.

Overall, we advise you not to buy Phentirmene because there are much safer and more effective alternatives. The final choice is of course yours.

Better alternative

When talking about Phentermine alternatives (and Phentirmene alternatives), we fully recommend Phen375 fat burner. Made in an FDA regulated lab, this fat burner is pharmacy grade weight loss supplement that can provide you with rapid weight loss results. So far there haven’t been any side effects reported among users.

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