Orovo diet pill review

Ever since the all famous “Super Foods” appeared on Oprah TV Show, there has been a huge increase of supplements that promise you all sorts of health benefits in one tiny pill. Orovo is one such supplement.

What is Orovo?

Orovo is an “all- natural” and all around supplement that supposedly can help you lose 10lbs in 7 days. Now that is one bold statement right there. Even if that was possible, do you think it would be healthy? Orovo claims it can help you lose weight, but also reduce facial acne and wrinkles.

Orovo ingredients

The main ingredients inside Orovo are Green Tea (gives you extra energy), Idebenone (anti-aging ingredient), DMAE (boosts energy levels) and alpha-lipoic acid. On top of this, Orovo also includes 10 Super Foods.

Orovo side effects

One of the most common side effects that we have seen among many consumers is the excessive urination while taking the supplement. This is because Orovo is basically a detox system, and while this side effect is a proof that Orovo is working, it can be quite unpleasant.

Another concerning side effect of Orovo is excessive thirst. Manufacturers of this diet pill state that you should be drinking a gallon of water a day while taking Orovo!

Other side effects reported with Orovo are: nausea, diarrhea, excessive gas, insomnia (due to Green Tea present).

Where to buy Orovo?

At the time of writing this review, Orovo official website was “under construction”. The manufacturers give the impression as if they don’t care about their product anymore. After some more research, we found Orovo going on sale at eBay for $21. Big red flag! Don’t ever buy a weight loss pill from auction sites.

Do we recommend Orovo?

Orovo claims that it can help you with too many things all at once. While this might sound attractive, it usually is nowhere near truth and supplements like this almost never work. Add to this all the possible side effects, and that’s another reason why we don’t recommend taking Orovo.

What is better?

If you’re looking for real effective diet pills, take a look at our top rated diet pills and take it from there.

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