Mangodrin SF fat burner review

Mangodrin SF is the latest fat burner to appear on the UK weight loss market. This diet pill is one of the many dietary supplements on the market that claim to contain content of the African Mango fruit.

Retailer Slimming dot com calls this supplement “the real deal” among other similar products because Mangodrin SF contains real Irvingia Gabonensis seed from African Mango (unlike many African Mango products out there that contain fake ingredients and useless fillers).

What benefits can be expected with Mangodrin SF?

  • Burns fat
  • May speed up metabolism
  • May suppress your appetite

Mangodrin SF ingredients

  • Irvingia Gabonensis – Seeds of this plant have been used by many African tribes in order to suppress appetite and burn fat. It has been suggested that these seeds may reduce the amount of carbs that is absorbed by the body.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis – Several African studies proved that this plant had positive effects on obesity and oxidative stress.
  • Green Tea – May help speed up your metabolism and therefore aid in weight loss.
  • Resveratrol

Does Mangodrin SF work?

Retailers of this fat burner mention clinical study where 102 subjects over a period of 10 weeks were given either a placebo pill or 150 mg Irvingia Gabonensis pill. After 10 weeks, people who took Irvingia Gabonensis pill lost on average 28 lbs and had 26% reduction in cholesterol levels.

Any side effects with Mangodrin SF?

It shouldn’t cause any side effects to be concerned.

Where to buy Mangodrin SF?

In the UK retailer of this supplement is Slimming dot com, an uprising and respectable retailer of various health supplements. Starting price is £34 for 1 box of 90 pills.

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