Lipomax Pro diet pill review

Here comes yet another fat burner on the overcrowded weight loss market and it is called Lipomax Pro. To us this diet pill doesn’t look any different than majority of weight loss pills on the market (that don’t work by the way).

Lipomax Pro ingredients

There’s whole lot of ingredients inside Lipomax Pro:

Bitter Orange, L-Tyrosine, Acai Berry (freeze dried), Caffeine Anhydrous, Cayenne powder, Green Tea leaf extract, Guarana extract, Siberian Ginseng, Apple Cider vinegar powder, Bioperine, ChroPicol.

Unfortunately they don’t disclose full amounts of individual ingredients; they just state that this “proprietary blend” is about 562mg. And we are not surprised to see this. You see, if you don’t know the exact amounts of ingredients present, you can’t know if a pill is effective or not. Also, they say that there’s Acai Berry in these pills. OK, can we see the Certificate of Analysis, please? Guess not.

Does Lipomax Pro work?

Hardly. There are a few photo testimonials, but we are very suspicious about those.

Where to buy Lipomax Pro?

You can buy it via their official website with the price $94.95. This is very expensive for a diet pill. Also they say that you have a 365 days money back guarantee, but later on their “Guarantee” page they say: “if you’re not happy after 30 days of using it, let us know”. So, it’s kind of confusing how long money back guarantee is.

Do we recommend Lipomax Pro?

Not recommended at all. We have seen much better, cheaper and safer fat burners. We don’t think you will be missing out on anything if you avoid Lipomax Pro. But in the end it is up to you to choose.

Alternative fat burner

Phen375 – Great fat burner and definitely one of the top recommended diet pills on our site. With no reported side effects so far and high re-order rate, we think you should definitely take a closer look into Phen375.

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