Lipofuze UK reviews

Another diet pill on the market that tries to attract attention of consumers is called Lipofuze. Called “best fat burner of the year”, we think that manufacturers of this product exaggerate with this and several other statements that you can find on their website.

Lipofuze ingredients

There are all sorts of ingredients inside Lipofuze, forming a “proprietary blend” that is 775 mg all together: Phenylethylamine, Razberi-K, FucoPure, Guggul EZ 100, Bioperine, Capsaicin, Forslean, Synephrine HCl, Green Tea , DHEA, Cinnamon, Thermodiamine, Ginger, 20 Hydroxyecdysone.

Nothing new here; many ingredients put inside a single pill. This is a practice that many manufacturers do today.

Lipofuze side effects

Due to the stimulant content present inside Lipofuze, mild side effects are possible and can be expected with this diet pill.

Lipofuze medical approval

On their website they don’t mention any proof of scientific approval of Lipofuze. This makes us believe that Lipofuze is not medically proven pill. There are no studies that would support claims found on Lipofuze website.

Where to buy Lipofuze?

Official website is the best place to buy Lipofuze. Price of 1-month package is $49.95. As you go for higher packages you can get something called “3 Day Detox”, which we won’t comment at all.

Do we recommend Lipofuze?

Not recommended at all. This diet pill looks nothing different than majority of scam dietary supplements on the market. To us it looks like these guys just want to get your hard earned money. The final decision is only yours, but we would strongly avoid Lipofuze.

Lipofuze alternatives

Proactol Plus is fat binder that can stop up to 28% of your dietary fat intake safely and prevent it from being absorbed by your body. We have watched this diet pill closely since its launch in 2006 and up to this date thousands of dieters worldwide have put their trust in Proactol. You can buy Proactol online and without prescription. Definitely worth a closer look if you are looking for effective and safe diet pills.

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