Hydroxycut diet pills review

Hydroxycut diet pills were once the most popular diet pills on the market, selling over 1 million units in 2009 alone.

However, it was in that same year that FDA released a warning regarding the drug’s use after studies linked it to one death and some very serious side effects.

Once FDA issued the warning, manufacturers of Hydroxycut recalled the drug and shortly after, rereleased it along with a statement saying that the drug had been “reformulated” and was now safe to use.

Hydroxycut ingredients

Hydroxycut diet pills are comprised of 10 ingredients: garcinia cambogia extract, oolong tea, withania somnifera roots, gymnema, sylvestre, soy phospholipids, Hydroxy tea, white tea, and caffeine.

Before the warning was issued by the FDA, Hydroxycuts also contained the ingredient ephedra. However, the reformulation that occurred after the recall removed ephedra from the product, thereby making it safer; or so the manufacturers claimed.

Hydroxycut side effects

The list of side effects that comes with Hydroxycut, even with the new formula, is extensive. Some of the more minor side effects are: increased blood pressure, nose bleeds, blurred vision, acne, restlessness, hyperactivity, decreased appetite, headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, and upset stomach.

Along with the minor side effects, Hydroxycut also comes with other, more serious side effects. Of those are liver damage and liver failure, rhabdomyolysis.


Even though Hydroxycut has had the most harmful ingredient, ephedra, removed from it, the FDA still stands by its claims that it is not a safe drug, calling it an “unnecessary health hazard.” With so many safer alternatives for weight loss available, taking Hydroxycut is just not worth the risk.

Hydroxycut alternative

Phen375 – Pharmacy grade fat burner with no side effects reported so far. Phen375 is great if you’re looking for strong fat burner that can give you rapid weight loss. This product has been selling in large quantities since its launch in 2009 and thousands of dieters have put their trust into this supplement. Has some good testimonials as well.

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