HCG Diet Drops reviews UK

HCG products are not permitted for sale in UK anymore. Consumers are advised not to buy any HCG products, even if they find it online. The only legal alternative that we could suggest are LDD diet drops. Read more here

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is hormone produced in pregnancy and it is used to supply healthy nutrients to fetus by burning fat from mother’s body.

The fat burning properties of HCG were first noticed by Dr Simeons in 1950s while he was working as doctor in India. He saw that a lot of women who were pregnant were very malnourished, but still they gave birth to healthy babies. It was because HCG was produced.

It quickly became evident that HCG hormone can be used as weight loss aid. That’s why in the last decade many HCG products appeared in the form of HCG kits that included injections and needles. Then you were supposed to inject a dose of HCG into your body (unpleasant).

However, recently we found one HCG supplement that we would like to recommend to you. It is called HCG Diet Drops.

What are HCG Diet Drops?

HCG Diet Drops comes in a form of drops that you drop under your tongue, 3 times a day. Along with this product you get a special low calorie, high protein diet that you should follow. By combining HCG Diet Drops with this diet you can be sure you’ll lose weight.

How to use HCG Diet Drops?

Drop 10 drops under your tongue, three times a day. After dropping, wait about 10 seconds to fully absorb.

Is it safe?

Totally safe in regards to side effects and it does not include painful injections.

Do we recommend HCG Diet Drops?

Yes, if you’re looking for something other than pills to lose weight, then try HCG Diet Drops. After seeing all those HCG injections and needles, it was really a breeze of fresh air to see HCG product in form of Diet Drops.

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