Duromine UK review

Duromine is prescription only weight loss drug meant for treatment of highly obese patients only. We’re talking about a very serious and powerful drug that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You do not use Duromine if you just want to lose few pounds here or there.

Duromine ingredients

Phentermine, a very well-known substance, is the main ingredient inside Duromine. Phentermine releases certain chemical in your brain (norepinephrine), which activates your “fight or flight” response. One of the effects of this response is appetite suppression. However, there are many other negative side effects, which cannot be ignored, and that brings us to…

Duromine side effects

There have been many side effects reported with Duromine. This is not surprising at all because of the stimulant nature of Duromine. Some of the more common side effects are: high anxiety, irritability, confusion, fast heart rate, high blood pressure, being thirsty all the time, inability to concentrate, panic attacks, blurred vision, diarrhea, rashes, fatigue etc.

Is Duromine recommended?

Not recommended! This is a drug rather than a supplement; therefore it is a controlled substance. You can get Duromine only with a prescription, but we advise you not to take it even if you qualify for prescription. There are so many risks involved here that in the end it’s just not worth it.

What are the alternatives?

Phen375 – This is probably the best alternative to Duromine. Phen375 is made in an FDA regulated lab, where the production process is constantly monitored and observed. This being said, you get the top quality product in the end. What’s more important, you don’t need a prescription for Phen375 and you can buy it online via their official website.

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Proactol Plus – Top recommended fat binder on our website. Proactol is able to stop up to 28% of your dietary fat intake and prevent it from being digested and absorbed by your body. Proactol has the largest number of testimonials we have ever seen in a diet pill and it comes with 6 months money back guarantee. The important thing is that it works!

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