Does XLS Medical work?

XLS Medical is relatively new fat binder on the UK weight loss market. Fat binders have attracted a lot of attention in the recent years, mainly because of the great safety record they have. Can XLS Medical live up to its claims?


Litramine is the name of patented fibre complex, the main ingredient inside XLS medical. Also vitamins A, D and E are present inside these pills in order to compensate for the loss of vitamins during the fat binding process.

How it works

XLS Medical works by attaching itself to the fats in your stomach, making those fats indigestible by your body. Those undigested fats then have to be removed from your body, and that is done via bowel movement process. It goes with a saying that not all fats from your diet can be digested; rather only a part of them can. The official statement is that XLS medical can bind up to 27% of the fats from your diet.

XLS Medical fat binder side effects

Since it is made from herbal ingredients, it is very unlikely that XLS Medical will cause any side effects.

Where to purchase it?

There are many places where you can buy this pill from, both online and offline. To name a few: Tesco, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, Boots, Amazon etc. At Boots for example, 1-month supply of XLS Medical will cost around £60. It is definitely on the more expensive side for a diet pill.

Should you buy XLS Medical?

We can’t help but wonder why this diet pill reminds us of Proactol, long standing fat binder on the diet pill market? When we put these 2 pills side by side and weighed their pros and cons, we came to conclusion that we would leave XLS Medical on the side and buy Proactol. And why? Well, here are couple of reasons:

Proactol is less expensive than XLS Medical (Proactol costs £42 and XLS Medical around £60 for 1-month package)

Proactol has been present on the market since 2007 and so far it has helped thousands of people shed pounds.

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