Do prescription weight loss pills work?

Weight loss market is composed of 2 types of products: prescription diet pills and over the counter (non-prescription) diet pills.

Prescription pills can only be prescribed to you buy your doctor after careful examination of your condition and medical history.

It is important for consumers to understand that these pills are real drugs, often containing strong chemical ingredients that alter or directly influence working of your nervous system and suppress your appetite that way.

Side effects of prescription weight loss pills

While it’s certainly true that these prescription weight loss pills do work, it is also true that they come with high price in terms of side effects and unwanted reactions. Here are some examples of the side effects that might occur: high fever, dry mouth, heightened anxiety, irritability, mental confusion, constipation, diarrhea, oily stools, inability to properly control bowel movements, etc.

Other problems that may occur

As you can see, prescription weight loss pills are not to be messed with. Apart from terrible side effects, a number of other problems are possible:

  • Users of these pills can become addicted to them
  • Tolerance can be built up quickly so that after some time a pill won’t do its job as needed.
  • People with certain medical conditions might not be able to use these medications
  • Usually they require that you change your diet and add exercise into your daily routine

What are the alternatives?

Instead of going for nasty and dangerous chemicals that prescription pills give you, how about going for OTC diet pills with no side effects?

We have researched over the counter market of diet pills (there are hundreds of them) and came up with only a few that are 100% safe for long term or short term use.

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