Decaslim diet pill review

Decaslim is a diet pill “with a story,” as the manufacturer likes to call it. That “story” is a simple one of someone who discovered that eating 10 Superfoods helps you lose weight and clears up your acne.

They tell their story to an interested party and voila! Decaslim is born! There’s only one problem: the Superfoods that are contained in this pill aren’t even close to effective dosages, and it’s a story that has been told by many other diet pills.

Decaslim ingredients

Of course, it’s the ingredients in this pill that makes it what it is, and what it isn’t. The Superfoods that you can find in Decaslim are: Viscofiber, broccoli, spinach, flax seed, tomato, garlic, resveratrol, tonalin, and green tea.

Of these you might find that you only recognize a small handful of them, and you wouldn’t be alone. Not only are the dosages of the superfoods non-effective to help anyone lose weight, but some of them can’t even be considered superfoods.

Decaslim side effects

There haven’t been a lot of complaints from users about side effects that come with Decaslim. However, those that did report some mostly complained of anxiety, jitteriness and restlessness. This is an indication that the main ingredient in Decaslim is the green tea – which isn’t really a Super food, even though it does have many health benefits.


Decaslim’s claim that it contains the Superfoods that will make you lose weight is a half-truth. The dosages of the superfoods that are in the pill simply are not enough to help anyone lose weight. And some of the ingredients listed are not considered by many to be superfoods by many, including doctors and medical experts.

Decaslim alternative

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