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Quantrim dietary supplement review

Quantrim is scheduled to hit the UK weight loss market some time after Christmas.

At the moment this diet pill is being featured in the media across UK, so this might look like the best New Years’ present for many dieters.

Does XLS Medical work?

XLS Medical is relatively new fat binder on the UK weight loss market. Fat binders have attracted a lot of attention in the recent years, mainly because of the great safety record they have. Can XLS Medical live up to its claims?


Nuvoryn UK diet pill review

Lately we have seen lots of ads on the Internet regarding Nuvoryn diet pill, so we wanted to take a closer look into it.

Marketed as “Effective natural weight loss”, Nuvoryn attacks weight loss from multiple angles, making this supplement yet another one that tries to be “all in one” slimming aid.

Turboslim Chronoactiv diet formula

Forte Pharma Laboratories brings one of the latest weight loss products on the UK market, Turboslim Chronoactiv. This weight loss formula tries to help you lose weight by working with natural rhythm of your body.

Buy Testoripped UK

As one would expect from the name, Testoripped was made for men only. This pill has many claims for raising the libido, giving a boost to energy levels for a great work out and helping with the production of testosterone, the male hormone.

Nuratrim diet tablets review

Lower your caloric intake by up to 20%!

After reviewing many mediocre and not-so-good diet pills, it was really a breeze of fresh air to review Nuratrim diet tablet.

Made by Advanced Health, Scottish based manufacturer, Nuratrim is composed of 4 different highly effective ingredients that, when put together, work synergistically and can make you lose weight like never seen before.

Meridia UK review

Meridia diet pill (aka Reductil; main ingredient Sibutramine), is a diet product that is available by prescription only and should only be used by those who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or greater.

How Meridia works

Meridia has a very serious mechanism of action; it directly influences working of your brain in order to achieve feeling of fullness.

Metabofire diet pill review

“Set your metabolism on fire” may be the slogan for Metabofire diet pills, but boosting your metabolism is just one of the things the pill will do. This non-prescription pill also claims to help you suppress the appetite, make you feel more energetic, and even burn calories while you sleep!

Myoffeine diet pill review

Myoffeine is a diet pill unlike any other – it’s the supplement meant just for men. This diet pill doesn’t only contain stimulants that will help you lose weight, but it also includes muscle-increasing and testosterone boosting ingredients.

Propolene weight loss pill review

Propolene is a weight loss supplement that says it will suppress your appetite while also helping you burn fat. Manufacturers however, have provided no evidence that this is actually true or clinical data to back up their claims.