Capsipure diet pill review

What is Capsipure?

Capsipure has had a very successful reputation to date. It was created based on evidence that says certain spicy foods can increase your metabolism. They claim one tablet can burn up to 278 extra calories per day. It is made from a chili extract from red peppers.

This diet pill made the front page of many newspapers. It is considered one of the most promising stories in recent years. As of now it is only available at Holland and Barrett. Take one dose in the morning or 30 minutes prior to hitting the gym.

Capsipure ingredients

Capsicum extract, caffeine, Niacin, black pepper extract.

Capsipure side effects

Side effects to this product are showing up here and there. The most common side effects are throat and digestive irritation. Some users have switched since having these problems. The compounds in the diet pill are said to be very strong, which is most likely the cause of the side effects.

They claim that it has a special coating on it that helps with digesting spicy foods; that also prevents the consumer from having any stomach problems even if they normally would have difficulties eating spicy foods. This might not be the case but they claim to have scientific proof to back up their claims; this diet pill also has a large celebrity following. This further convinces consumers that they’re taking something they don’t have to worry will damage their bodies.

How to Be Sure

  • Check with your doctor before taking this product
  • Do your own research on the product and its ingredients
  • Look around. Do not take the first diet pill that’s sounds good
  • Take into account different things like price and side effects before making your decision.
  • Be absolutely sure that this is the best product for you

Capsipure summary

Overall not a bad diet pill, but we would advise you to take a look at Capsiplex, much better and side effects free version of Capsipure. It contains almost the same ingredients but so far there haven’t been any side effects reported with Capsiplex.

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