Capsiplex diet pill review

Burn 278 calories by taking 1 pill a day

What is Capsiplex?

Manufactured and distributed by Advanced Health, here comes a diet supplement that took the weight loss market upside down in 2010.

Based on the long history of red hot peppers (Capsicum) and their ability to produce diet-induced thermogenesis, Capsiplex is a unique diet pill.

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How does Capsiplex work?

Red hot peppers are known to slightly raise the body’s temperature and heat production, both of which help to burn fat, even while not exercising. Therefore by consuming red hot peppers you can lose weight in the long run.

But in order to fully benefit from red peppers, you would have to consume 10 grams of red hot peppers every day for several months. This is almost impossible because red peppers when consumed in raw form can cause oral and gastric irritation in many people.

Capsiplex gives you the chance to experience fat burning effects of red hot peppers.

By just taking 1 Capsiplex tablet a day, your body can start burning fat using red pepper extract (Capsicum extract).

Capsiplex is safe in regards to irritation because these tablets are designed in a way that won’t allow Capsicum extract to do any irritation to your stomach. The main ingredient will be delivered in the intestine, where no harm can be done.

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What are Capsiplex ingredients?

Capsicum extract, Caffeine, Niacin and Piperine.

Are there any side effects with Capsiplex?

No side effects were reported so far by consumers.

Capsiplex contains natural compounds and is classified as weight loss supplement (not a drug).

There are no synthetic ingredients inside and the working mechanism is safe (red hot peppers can’t be bad for you).

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Do we recommend Capsiplex?

Highly recommended fat burner. We have been watching closely the selling process of this diet pill last year and we were amazed by the volume that was sold. Also the Capsiplex pill was featured in numerous media around UK, including Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Star etc. You can buy this supplement via the official website.

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