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As one would expect from the name, Testoripped was made for men only. This pill has many claims for raising the libido, giving a boost to energy levels for a great work out and helping with the production of testosterone, the male hormone.

Testoripped ingredients

There is a host of ingredients and these include caffeine anhydrous – to stimulate and excite the nervous system, synepherine for fat burning and guggulsterones to boost thyroid output.

Yohimbe is said to help with defining the trunk area and it even has a drop or two of cinnamon too. All in all, this is a mass of ingredients specifically targeting the male physique.

Side effects of Testoripped

Well, here is where it gets very serious. An irregular heartbeat is perhaps the most serious side effect and this, coupled with nausea and the inability to get a good night’s sleep (because of the caffeine) really causes some concern.

Cost of Testoripped

At a hefty one hundred and fifty dollars for a one month supply, this seems a little excessive. However, if buying from the website itself, there are often discounts of up to $100 to be had. One bottle (75 capsules) costs $49.99. No free trials here though.


Men have been raving about this diet pill for some time and, as expected, the increased libido side effect and toned muscles seem to win many men over. However, if there is any doubt about heart health or insulin levels, this is a tablet to be avoided. As with all diet pills a discussion with a qualified doctor is always advised before consumption.

TestoRipped alternative

Phen375 shown to be great fat burner with purely synthetic ingredients. This pharmacy grade diet pill can offer you weight loss rate of 3-4 lbs per week and without any side effects. Plus you don’t need a prescription for Phen375.

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