Best fat binders UK

What are fat binders?

Fat binders (or fat stoppers) are diet pills that are able to stop part of your fat intake from being absorbed and digested by your body.

They do this by “binding” to part of your fats, making those fats too large to be absorbed by your body.

These weight loss supplements can be very attractive option for you if you eat high-fat meals more often and can’t resist the urge for fatty foods.

This, of course, goes with a saying that fat binders are not “wonder pills”; after introducing fat binders to your body you should also change your dieting habits and, if possible, add physical exercise to your daily routine.

Our top recommended fat binders are:

Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus (originally known as Proactol) appeared on the weight loss market in 2006.

Up to this date thousands of dieters around the world have put their trust in Proactol Plus diet pill.

This fat binder is able to stop up to 27% of your dietary fat intake, suppress your appetite and lower your cholesterol levels as well. Highly recommended fat binder.

  • Binds up to 27% of your fat intake
  • 5 published clinical studies
  • Lots of photo & video testimonials
  • Respectable manufacturer
  • No known side effects
  • Price: From $63.95 (about £40)

Proactol Plus review | Proactol Plus website


Alli is the first FDA approved over the counter diet pill. Alli is just the weakened version of the prescription diet pill Xenical.

These 2 pills both contain Orlistat, active ingredient that can stop up to 25% of dietary fats in your stomach.

Alli received a lot of media attention around the world and a lot of people debate whether Alli is effective or not. This is mainly due to the fact that some users reported some side effects with Alli (the so called “Alli oops”).

  • First FDA approved OTC diet pill
  • Two versions available: 42-pack and 84-pack
  • Not without side effects (Alli oops)
  • Sells in many places online and offline
  • Price online: From £35.71

Alli review | Buy Alli online