Best diet pills 2015 revealed

After going through many diet pills on the market, we came up with the following top diet pills. Our top recommendations all fulfill the following requirements:

  • Diet pill must NOT have side effects
  • Diet pill has to be effective
  • Diet pill must have safe mechanism of action

#1 Phen375

Phen375 is a fully synthetic fat burner that also contains appetite suppressing properties. It uses a unique combination of effective enzyme boosters in order to give you maximum fat burning capacity.

The product is made in an FDA regulated lab in California, so that ingredients’ purity and quality is constantly observed and tested.

Other than that, Phen375 is pretty safe diet pill that won’t give you bad side effects (considering it has synthetic ingredients). Also, it represents great alternative to the all famous Phentermine. Phen375 is available to buy without prescription only from the official website and nowhere else.

  • Type: Fat burner
  • Average weight loss: 10 lbs in 2 weeks
  • Ingredients: Enzyme boosters
  • Side effects: None

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#2 Proactol Plus

When it appeared on the market in 2006, Proactol immediately attracted many consumers because of its totally natural ingredients and ability to bind part of the fat intake safely.

The main ingredient of Proactol is called NeOpuntia, which is derived from nutritious cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica. This plant has been researched since 1996 and in numerous tests it showed outstanding fat binding properties.

When you eat high fat foods, Proactol will bind to a part of that fat intake and it will make it too big to be absorbed by your body. Then your body will not be able to digest it and it will be eliminated naturally through bowel movements. This is the basic working mechanism of Proactol Plus diet pill.

Proactol comes with 6 clinical studies (that you can see on the official site) and it has several unique medical endorsements. One of the famous doctors who approve Proactol is Dr Joerg Gruenwald, much respected person in the medical world around the world.

  • Type: Fat binder
  • Average weight loss: Up to 15 lbs per month
  • Ingredients: 100% natural – NeOpuntia (derived from Opuntia Ficus Indica)
  • Side effects: None

Read Proactol review | Visit Proactol website

#3 Capsiplex

Capsiplex made quite an impact when it appeared on the market in 2010. It contains some unique ingredients such as Capsicum extract (red pepper extract).

Capsiplex working mechanism is based on the fact that red peppers can slightly increase your body’s heat production and make you burn fat.

Eating raw peppers has the same effect, but you would have to eat 10 grams of red peppers every single day for several months. Pretty much impossible for most people. The official word is that Capsiplex can help you burn additional 278 calories/day and all that without any side effects.

Also Capsiplex has been featured in several newspapers and magazines (Daily Mail, Daily Star, Daily Express).

  • Type: Fat burner
  • Average weight loss: 4-10 lbs /month
  • Ingredients: Capsicum extract, Caffeine, Piperine, Niacin.
  • Side effects: None

Capsiplex review | Capsiplex website

Choose the best diet pill and start losing weight ASAP!

Among our top recommendations, you might still be confused and not know which diet pill to choose. Allow us to help you even further:

  • If you want rapid weight loss and you don’t mind synthetic ingredients, then go for Phen375.
  • If you’re looking for natural ingredients and you like the idea of not only losing weight, but also having increased stamina, high energy levels, decreased fatigue, detox, then go for Pure Acai Berry Max.
  • If you are looking for real natural ingredient that was proven to help in losing weight and suppress your appetite, then go for Unique Hoodia.