Akavar 20/50 diet pill review

“Eat all you want and still lose weight” is the main tagline of Akavar 20/50 diet pill. On their official website, Akavar manufacturers say that Akavar is the “miracle” pill that is changing the dieting concept in USA.

OK, first of all, no respectable diet pill manufacturer will say about their product that is a “miracle” pill. There are no miracle pills; there are only diet pills and your effort to change diet and lifestyle. Akavar 20/50 is manufactured by Dynakor Pharmacal.

Akavar 20/50 ingredients

Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Yerba mate, Trimethylxanthine (caffeine), Guarana, Damiana, Green tea, Ginger root, Kola nut, Schisandra fruit, Scutellaria root, Tibetan ginseng, Cocoa nut, Jujube fruit, Thea sinensis complex.

How does Akavar 20/50 work?

It is unknown how Akavar works. On the official website they claim that Akavar “literally causes excess fat to be pulled from bulging parts of your body”. That sounds really nice, but why don’t they tell us a little bit more about working mechanism?

There’s also a mention of one clinical trial where apparently majority of the group who took Akavar has lost significant amount of weight. Again, this “clinical trial” doesn’t look believable at all. It looks like somebody sat down and made it all up.

Akavar side effects

Due to caffeine content inside Akavar, the following side effects can be expected: inability to sleep, anxiety, irritability, high blood pressure, fast heart rate.

How much is Akavar?

Expect to pay $39.99 for 60-capsule package. They offer you full 30 days money back guarantee, which is not enough at all.

Akavar conclusion

Something just doesn’t feel right with this diet pill. Mediocre ingredients, list of side effects, not enough info on the working mechanism… All these suggest only one thing: don’t buy Akavar!

What are the alternatives?

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