African mango diet pill UK

African Mango is one of the latest additions to the weight loss market. Currently it is a new thing in the UK and Europe, but it is certainly set to replace the all-famous Acai Berry. It was even featured by famous Dr Oz in USA.

This “wonder fruit” that grows in Western and Central Africa is said to contain great weight loss properties. When seed extract of African Mango is used, it can help users lose weight and stabilize cholesterol levels.

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African Mango medical evidence

In one controlled study, 102 overweight patients were given either African Mango pill or placebo pill (sugar pill). After 10 weeks of using 2 pills per day, users who took African Mango pill showed weight loss of 28lbs on average, compared to no noticeable changes of those who took a placebo pill. People who lose weight successfully also reported noticeable decrease in bad cholesterol and improvements in their blood glucose levels.

African Mango effectiveness

  • Adjusts levels of leptin hormone, which plays important role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure, affecting your appetite and metabolism
  • Contains high fiber content – Increases the removal speed of cholesterol from your body
  • Delays stomach emptying – Decreases blood sugar levels after eating a meal

What is African Mango Advanced?

African Mango Advanced is the latest African Mango supplement to appear on the UK weight loss market. Current stockist is Evolution Slimming where you can buy this supplement for £29.95 (1 month supply). You need to take 2 tablets a day.

More info at Evolution Slimming website

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