Advanced Green Tea Fat Burner review

Manufacturers of Advanced Green Tea Fat Burner claim that you can look and feel great by using their product. On their website they also have the picture of Oprah in order to make you believe that she has used their product. This is very common among today’s weight loss pills.

Keep in mind that Oprah Winfrey has never endorsed any weight loss product. The only connection with Oprah is because Dr Nicholas Perricone appeared on her TV show stating that you could lose up to 10 lbs in 6 weeks time by switching to green tea instead of coffee.

Advanced Green Tea Fat Burner ingredients

This supplement contains only one ingredient – 100% green tea extract. There’s 500mg of it in every pill, to be more precise.

It’s a fact that green tea is used in many weight loss supplements today. It was also proven that green tea can play a significant role in losing weight. But simply taking the Green tea extract alone won’t make you lose weight. You need some other ingredients as well.

Does Advanced Green Tea work?

On the official website there’s no factual evidence that will support all their claims. There are no scientific studies on their website and there are no testimonials about their product. Also there are very few user reports about this product, making it even harder to decide if it works or not.

Advanced Green Tea side effects

Since the only ingredient here is Green tea extract, you are likely not to experience any bad side effects. But don’t put your hopes up either; the green tea extract alone won’t make you lose weight.

How much does it cost?

Advanced Green Tea Fat Burner will cost you 10$ a bottle. This is another red flag. It is our experience that good and quality weigh loss supplements don’t cost less than $30-40 at least.

Keep in mind that this supplement also offers you a free trial option. Pay special attention to this, because free trials are tricky. They will first send you a free pack, but they will have you credit card information etc. It is your responsibility to cancel this offer in a timely manner, because if you don’t do it they will automatically charge you for new packages after a month or so.

Is it recommended?

We simply can’t recommend this supplement to you. The Green tea extract as the only ingredient present just won’t do it.

What’s the best alternative?

When talking about fat burners, our vote goes to Phen375, which is our top recommended fat burner and the best legal alternative to Phentermine.

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