Adapexin-P diet pills review

Adapexin-P is non-prescription diet pill that is using several sneaky tactics in order to attract more people to buy it.

First of all, notice how the name of the diet pill is very similar to the Adipex-P diet pill? Well, that is not a coincidence.

Adipex-P is prescription diet pill that contains Phentermine, and manufacturers of Adapexin-P want you to think that you won’t notice a similarity in these 2 pills. Big red flag!

Adapexin-P ingredients

There are several ingredients:

Phenylethylamine (37.5 mg), Chromax (500mcg), Raspberry Ketones (100mg), Evodiamine (50mg), Caffeine Anhydrous (199mg), Vitamin B12 (500mcg), Glucomannan (1000mg), Ginger Root (50mg).

Manufacturers claim on their website that their ingredients inside Adapexin-P are all “clinically proven”, which is not true at all. Phenylethylamine is not proven to help with weight loss. Also, notice how Phenylethylamine is very similar to the word Phentermine. You think that is coincidence?

Also, keep in mind that some of the Adapexin-P ingredients are proven to work on animals but not on humans (Evodiamine, Raspberry Ketones). You’re human, you’re not an animal, and therefore this won’t work.

How much is it?

Be prepared to pay $49.95 for a month supply of Adapexin-P. There’s lifelong money back guarantee, but don’t bother – you will want all your money back anyways.

Do we recommend Adapexin-P?

We do not recommend Adapexin-P. The reasons are obvious: trying to trick customers into believing that this is a Phentermine diet pill that you can buy without prescription, and then there aren’t any special ingredients inside, and having unbelievable statements such as “Lose 10, 15, even up to 20 Pounds in 28 days”. Avoid Adapexin-P by all means.

Alternative diet pills

Unique Hoodia – Top rated appetite suppressant in our opinion. Containing 495mg of Hoodia Gordonii per pill, 90 pills per box and coming with 6 months money back guarantee, Unique Hoodia should be your top choice if you’re looking for quality appetite suppressant pill.

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Pure Acai Berry Max – Containing a whopping 1,500mg of freeze dried Acai Berry, this supplement is great for those who want to lose weight, but also to experience other health benefits such as increased energy levels, detox, reduced fatigue, antioxidant support etc.

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