Acai Berry powder review

Acai Berry powder is especially appealing to consumers because not everybody likes the idea of taking pills.

This way, when you have the powder you are free to add it to drinks, shakes, smoothies or just sprinkle it over your favorite dessert or a meal.

What is Acai Berry?

Named the most nutritious fruit ever, Acai Berry has been featured in various TV shows (including Oprah) and print media. Few years ago market literally exploded with all kinds of Acai supplements. The truth is, this fruit is grown and picked in Brazilian rainforests.

The fruit is literally full of various anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, good fats and essential fibers that all can help you slow down the aging process, remove harmful toxins from your body and even lose weight.

Acai Berry is known to have the highest ORAC value among all fruits out there. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and it represents the antioxidants value and strength of the food. To be more precise, Acai Berry has ORAC value of 161,400 units per 100 grams.

What is inside Acai Berry powder?

Only freeze dried Acai Berry and nothing else. When it is picked, Acai Berry is immediately freeze-dried in order to save all of its health benefits.

Where to buy Acai Berry powder?

At the moment of writing this article, in UK there are several health retailers that sell Acai Berry powder:


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