7 Day Fat Burner review

7 Day Fat Burner is a problematic diet pill right from the beginning, starting with its name. The name of this diet pill suggests that you can somehow lose a lot of weight in just 7 days. To be more precise, they state that you will able to lose between 7 and 21lbs in just 7 days if you take their supplement as instructed.

7 Day Fat Burner also states that you will be able to detox your body using their supplement. While “losing weight + detox” might sound very tempting, we have found many problems with this diet pill.

How does 7 Day Fat Burner work?

It works on a diuretic process, meaning it makes you lose weight through eliminating excess water from your system. This is also believed to be a “detoxifying” part of the supplement.

The bottle contains 84 pills that you are supposed to take over a course of 7 days. This is a lot of pills to take in such a small amount of time for any supplement. Keep in mind that the weight you lose (if any) will be mostly water weight and it is likely that you will regain that weight once you stop taking the supplement.

7 Day Fat Burner side effects

Expect to go to toilet very often while taking 7-DFB.

7 Day Fat Burner scientific approval

We couldn’t find any links to the clinical studies that would back up their statement about losing all that weight in just 7 days. While there are no studies shown, plain old common sense tells us that even if it was possible to lose that much weight in 7 days, it would be extremely unhealthy. Don’t you think so?

Is there a money back guarantee?

No. In case you’re not satisfied with results, you won’t be able to ask for your money back. This is another red flag in our opinion.

7 Day Fat Burner warning

Manufacturers claim on the official website that 7-DFB is safe supplement to take because it does not contain Ephedra and is totally natural. While this may be true, it still doesn’t mean that this diet pill is safe to use. As we said, it is VERY unhealthy to lose 7-12 lbs in 1 week.

Is 7 Day Fat Burner recommended?

Not recommended at all. The truth of the matter is that you likely won’t lose any weight with this diet pill. We simply can’t recommend this diet pill to you because it is obvious that it won’t work. Save your money for a better weight loss product.

What is the best alternative?

Speaking about fat burners, we suggest you to take a good look at Phen375 fat burner that is currently the top product among fat burners.

We have witnessed many consumers buying Phen375 and after a few months they go back to re-order more boxes. This can mean only one thing: Phen375 works.

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