7 Day Detox supplement review

It always amazes us how some companies make bold claims and promises with their supplements. That is exactly the case with 7 Day Detox – they promise that their supplement can help you “drop major amounts of weight” in just 7 days, as well as get rid of harmful toxins from your body.

7 Day Detox ingredients

Believe it or not there are 34 ingredients inside this pill:

Chromium Polynicotinate, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pomegranate, Caffeine, Psyllium Husk, Oat Bran Fiber, Barley Rice Fiber, Apple Pectin, Fennel Seed, Glucomannan, Flax seed powder, Dandelion Root, Uva Ursi, Cranberry, Buchu Leaves 4:1, Alfalfa, Juniper Berries, Aloe Vera, Potassium Gluconate, Garlic Extract, Ginger Root, Noni, Goldenseal, Mint leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Peel, Hawthorn Berries, Red Clover Leaf, Irish Moss, Cayenne Pepper, Burdock Root, Sage, Mangosteen, Parsley, Grapefruit Seed Extract.

This means that there’s a proprietary blend of ingredients – many ingredients present but none of those ingredients is present in high enough doses. Useless, in other words.

How does it work?

7 Day Detox works by flushing out toxins from your body, hoping to help you lose weight that way. From this we can conclude that manufacturers of 7 Day Detox don’t know what a real weight loss supplement should be like. Weight loss cannot be achieved by detox alone; some other real mechanism of action is needed. And that’s what’s missing in this product.

Where to buy it?

You can buy 7 Day Detox from their official website. Starting price for this diet pill is around $15. No respectable company will sell their product for $15, that’s for sure.

Is 7 Day Detox recommended?

Not at all. It would be best if you avoid this product. There are many better and more credible weight loss supplements than 7 Day Detox. We advise you to take a look at our top recommendations and take it from there.

Better alternatives

Pure Acai Berry Max – If you’re looking for good detox supplement, then Pure Acai Berry Max is what you’re looking for. By giving you 1,500mg of Acai Berry per day, having all the required certificates and offering you 6 months money back guarantee, you can’t lose with this supplement.

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Phen375 – Synthetic fat burner made in an FDA regulated lab. Phen375 is great alternative to the all famous Phentermine weight loss drug, only that Phen375 doesn’t have any nasty side effects. Plus, we contacted manufacturers and they have confirmed to us that the re-order rate of Phen375 is pretty high. This can mean only one thing – Phen375 works.

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