365 Day Diet Pill review

What is 365 Day Diet Pill?

365 Day Diet Pill is over the counter weight loss pill that is meant to drastically increase your energy levels, decrease your appetite, help you lose weight and give you the motivation to be more physically active.

Another interesting thing: while diet pills usually come with 1 package that would last you for 1 month, 365 Day Diet Pill comes in 1 bottle with a contents that will last you for an entire year!

Since you only need to take this diet pill once a day for 365 days, there are 365 pills in a bottle and all you need to do is take 1 pill per day and that’s all. But we were wondering: is this diet pill really that effective as they claim it to be?

365 Day Diet Pill uses a unique time release formula that works 365 days during the year. There are a couple of other diet pills on the market that use time as an important factor in their marketing strategy.

Manufacturers of 365 Day Diet Pill promise that you will have a nice looking body and be energized like never before – another example of a product that tries to win battles on several markets all at once (lose weight, have great looking skin etc).

And what does “patent pending” technology mean? It’s another way of saying that they haven’t got any scientific proof for the claims that they make about their product.

365 Day Diet Pill ingredients

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Major stimulant
  • Oolong Tea – Can reduce weight from water retention
  • Dandelion Root – Helps to increase the energy
  • Glucomannan – Has appetite suppressing properties
  • Chromium Picolinate – controls blood sugar levels and gives you extra energy
  • L-Carnitine – Converts fat into energy
  • Cha de Brugh
  • Yerba Mate
  • Green Tea
  • Cayanne Pepper
  • Citrus Bioflavonoid

    Are there any side effects with 365 Day Diet Pill?

    Certain side effects are possible with 365 Day Diet pill because of the stimulants content:

    • Anxiety, nervousness
    • Being irritable more often than usual
    • Inability to sleep properly
    • Fast heart rate

    Does 365 Day Diet Pill work?

    While this diet pill is certainly cost effective, this becomes unimportant because the product doesn’t work. On top of that, this product does NOT have any scientific proof or a study behind it. Also, the only contact information we managed to find was an email address on their website. How can that be a legitimate company who doesn’t have a phone number listed?

    Is it recommended to take 365 Day Diet Pill?

    We do not recommend you to buy this diet pill. There are far better and more effective solutions than this diet pill. Stay away from 365 Day Diet Pill.

    What is recommended?

    Take a look at Phen375 fat burner – it is probably the best legal alternative to the all famous Phentermine.

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