100% Pure Acai Berry supplement review

We have already talked about one of our top recommendations when it comes to Acai Berry supplements, Pure Acai Berry Max.

Today we want to tell you a bit more about another Acai Berry pill that is gaining more popularity on the UK health supplements market. It’s called 100% Pure Acai Berry.

100% Pure Acai Berry comes with 700mg of freeze dried Acai Berry per pill, which certainly is one of the largest amounts of Acai Berry offered today. And since they say you should use 2 pills a day, that makes it 1,400mg of Acai Berry per day – very good.

Manufacturers claim that their product is really “100% Acai berry” and nothing else, meaning that there are no useless filler ingredients in their capsules (no additives like soya bean oils, glycerine and anti-caking agents).

Buy 100% Pure Acai Berry £29.95

How different is 100% Pure Acai Berry from other Acai supplements?

  • Pills are darker color – Acai Berry fruit is naturally deep purple color; therefore Acai capsules need to be dark purple – black color, depending on the strength.
  • Not an extract – Unlike many Acai pills on the market, 100% Pure Acai Berry does NOT contain an extract; every pill contains pure and freeze dried Acai Berries from South American forests.
  • Not a free trial – Manufacturers are very honest and they say upfront that they don’t offer any free trials with their product. Don’t forget – free trials are nothing but scams and you should avoid them at all costs.
  • Not a cheap product – Good Acai Berry pills will cost you more than £10, that’s for sure. 100% Pure Acai Berry is still affordable at £29.95 for 1-month supply.

Media appearances

  • The Sunday Express – 3 January 2010
  • The Mail on Sunday – January 2011

“My skin seemed to have more of a glow and my hair looked really shiny” – Victoria Gray, Sunday Express

Is 100% Pure Acai Berry recommended?

Yes, definitely recommended Acai Berry product. We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be using this product if you’re interested in the great Acai Berry supplements. Manufacturers Evolution Slimming are respectable in the health supplement industry and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

Read more at Evolution Slimming website

Alternative product

Pure Acai Berry Max is another Acai Berry supplement that we recommend. Giving you a whopping 1,500mg of Acai per day, coming with all the required certifications and giving you full 6 months money back guarantee, this pill is also worth taking a closer look at.

Pure Acai Berry Max review

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